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26 dicas para facilitar sua vida com Git e Github

by Anarute in Git

Entrei na brincadeira do Twitter compilar dica sobre algum assunto em troca de like ou RT e resolvi falar sobre git e GitHub que é um assunto que sinto que muita gente tem dificuldade e se você trabalha com desenvolvimento de software, não importa a linguagem e especialidade, gar ...

Como restaurar backups em um banco PostgreSQL

by Anarute in Sysadmin

De tempos em tempos eu preciso restaurar um backup de algum banco para outro ou preencher o banco de um novo ambiente de desenvolvimento local com dados para testes. Como não é uma tarefa diária, nem sempre me lembro como faz, então resolvi juntar aqui o passo a passo até pra fac ...

Farewell Mozilla - or how it went fast!

by Anarute in Outreachy

Wow, how fast can 3 months go? 3 months ago I was extremely happy and anxious about how I was going to manage to become a web dev intern at a project I knew nothing about and to really work as a developer in a company that I admire since I'm an internet user. Suddenly, here I am ...

How to manage AMI sets

by Anarute in Outreachy

After finishing the first version of the AMI sets entity, now we need to be able to manage them. Taskcluster has already a set of tools to manage its components and elements: the taskcluster tools. In order to manage the AMI sets it was natural to build a tool for that. At first, ...

The AmiSet Entity

by Anarute in Outreachy

Taskcluster is a complex and big project and I'm working on a specific part of it: where we manage the Amazon instances and Machine Images (AMIs). As I've mentioned in my last post, my job here starts by creating a new database entity called AMI set, which stores sets of AMIs key ...

Getting started with TaskCluster

by Anarute in Outreachy

This was my first week working for Mozilla as an Outreachy intern. The first challenge was to understand Mozilla's culture and how to fit in. We had some meetings about how the program works and to get updates about TaskCluster, the project I'll be working at for the next 3 month ...