Olá Tailwind!

My name is Ana and I am from São Paulo, Brazil.

I am a Web Developer with solid soft skills in team management and problem-solving due to my entrepreneurial background - I had my own startup for almost 7 years, so I know how it's like to have to do it all :)

I've been creating web products since 2008, having worked in all areas of the product development cycle (from research to customer support).

I am an enthusiast of FLOSS since 2008 when I got in touch with the Sakai project (an LMS) in my first internship as a front end developer at University of Campinas. In 2016, I was an Outreachy intern at Mozilla, an experience that opened new doors for me and made me even more interested in open source.

Currently, I'm working remotely at Collabora, a Canadian open source consultancy and therefore the majority of the tools used internally are self-hosted open source products or projects developed internally. I'm responsible for the web tools used internally, customizing them to the company's workflows and automating processes. This opportunity gave me yet another perspective of the open source world, now from a company that is profitable and has engineers working in projects like the Linux Kernel and OpenXR.

Having to take care of a bunch of different tools and stacks at the same time is interesting: I have to learn new things every day and switch between React (legacy and new apps, between useEffect and componentDidMount) and vanilla Javascript, Python, PHP (a good codebase and a bad one) and some scripts to glue everything together. Now I feel that is time to join some project I feel passionate about, which makes Tailwind a dream workplace for me.

I love the impact that you are creating in the front end development world and I want to be part of it! I'm sure that I can use my multidisciplinary skills and background to make this small team stronger and ready to impact even more people.

Culture is also something very important to me and your job description really makes clear that you value people over technology and this makes me want to work with you even more.

If you want to check a bit more about my professional life in a "formal" way, here's my Linkedin.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,


PS: I'd also love to help making Tailwind CSS bigger in Brazil!

PS2: our timezones are only one hour apart so I can pretty much overlap 8am-5pm EST full time